Iceberg in lettuce

Lettuces in situ

Lettuces in situ

Lettuce in a bowl

Lettuce in a bowl

Iceberg lettuce looks like something you have to form, not at all like a natural object a plant can grow. But they do grow. With all the rain, hard cores have been forming inside. It’s been amazing to watch the leaves curl inward and iceberg itself. But with all the rain, some of the outer leaves are starting to rot. So I rescued one. And now I know the difference between an iceberg and a lettuce.

An iceberg shows just a little bit of pretty whiteness, hiding huge amounts of scary ice that will chew you up. A lettuce shows huge amounts of scary chewed-up leaves, hiding a little bit of pretty whiteness. So it’s really an iceberg turned inside out. Cruise ship not included.

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2 responses to “Iceberg in lettuce

  1. Umm, Pam…why do you bother? There are so many better varieties. Red leaf, green leaf, even Boston. Iceberg is virtually flavor-free. But it does have crunch. And it does keep for months in the fridge, if you really want it to, so I guess it has that going for it.

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