More birds, fewer bugs

Downy Woodpecker resorting to sunflower seeds I wonder if I’m paying more attention to the birds because it’s time to resign myself to not seeing any Monarch butterflies this year. I saw plenty of other big orange and yellow butterflies, but not one monarch, not even in passing. What happened to them?

I also wonder what happened to the black bees I grew fond of last year, Melissodes bimaculata. They were such regulars, I considered them part of the  Usual Suspects. Not this year.

Since I can’t post a picture of the bugs I haven’t seen, here’s a slightly more identifiable shot of one of the Downy woodpeckers hanging about. They prefer the suet, but sunflower seeds are good too. Who knows, maybe they’re finding bugs in there. Who knows, maybe they even…


No they didn’t. They eat bugs under bark, like ants and grubs. Even the stem-nesting bees are safe. Sorry I ever doubted you, Woody.

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