So many guppies!

Lots of guppies in a tank

I have totally given up on trying to name guppies. The guppy tank always looks pretty much the same from day to day, week to week, month to month. In sort, there’s a lot of guppies in there. There are always lots, there are always new little ones, and somehow there always seems to be the about the same level of lots. I don’t want to know what’s happening to the extras.

Not quite so many guppies in a fish bowl

The guppies that came inside are living in their own bowl. Again, there are always quite a few, always a few little ones, and some there always seems to be about the same few. What’s really weird is that they’re never interested when I feed them. I really don’t want to know what they’re eating.

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2 responses to “So many guppies!

  1. Wow! Guppies! Many of them! Can you give me some??? Please…………………………………………………………………….

    • You missed the Great Population Crash of 2010 in the guppy tank. It was pretty Malthusian in there for a while. But there are lots of guppies again. You really want some guppies? All you need are two…

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