Why blogging is so damn addictive

The day after I posted about the work function of writing, it stopped working. To be honest, I stopped taking my own advice. I would pick hard things to write next, and then resist writing all day. Duh!

Blogging on the other hand became easier every day. These are the elements that I think make that happen.

Work on small bits. You can’t write a book. You can only write a word, a sentence, a paragraph. The nice thing about blogging is each post is short. (At least mine are; I hate reading long posts.)

Limit your visibility. With the blogging software, you can have dozens of drafts, but you only need to post one more. With filtering on status and dates you can narrow them down to a short list of what you might post next.

Touch it often. This is where the writing every day comes in. I have to admit that I’ve been going through my list of upcoming posts twice a day. Usually I only tweak a word or a paragraph or so, but after looking at them often enough, suddenly the whole thing seems to fall into place.

Now if I can just figure out how to apply it to writing fiction.

Tomorrow: Super-duper kids.