Birds on a rainy day

One goldfinch
One hungry goldfinch
Two hungry goldfinches
Two hungry goldfinches

It’s still raining, but that’s not slowing down these goldfinches. One stuck to the nyjer feeder, while others foraged on the coneflower seed heads.

Everyone is wearing their winter plumage, so I guess I won’t be seeing any wild canary-yellow birds zooming by until next summer. Still, with that buff background, the white borders on their dark wing feathers look even more beautiful.

And now they’re starting to flock.

Five goldfinches!
Five hungry goldfinches!

So here’s five goldfinches all cheep-er-eeing and eating and waiting to eat.

That extra blurry one on the left is a juvenile flapping its wings and begging for food. I thought it was late in the year to see that behavior, but it turns out that goldfinches nest later than other birds. Notice how the others are ignoring the young’un and saying, Get with the program! There’s food all over the place!