Do it today

I’m now finishing the second two weeks of working from closed lists, as described in Do It Tomorrow, and I just got over the inevitable mistakes and stumbles. (Don’t worry, I promise not to report in every two weeks.) Now I’m even more amazed at how easy it was to get back on track.

My mistake happened when I scheduled tasks out too far ahead, instead of defaulting to the next day. The stumble happened when I corrected that mistake by adding a bunch of tasks to the next day. So when I hit that snakegut full of undigested brainfarts and should-dos, I didn’t finish the list.

The scary thing was, since I did do some of the list, it got shorter. And as I worked my way through the hump, the list of carry-overs got shorter. Even as I pondered whether I should declare a backlog, the list got shorter. And just as promised, when there was only one or two left, doing them and checking them off got a lot more attractive.

I’m caught up again.

It’s amazing the power of the closed list.