It ain’t final til it’s final

You may have noticed that I keep a little list on the side of the page of the stories that I’m inflicting on the world. They’re ordered by when I finished them and sent them out to gather rejections. Well, “The Undying Pen”, the first story in years that I actually managed to finish, has garnered the best rejection yet.

It’s a Finalist in the second quarter of the 2010 Writers of the Future contest. It’s acually been a Finalist for well over a month, but somehow I couldn’t let go of the hope that it would go just that little bit further. Yesterday, I finally got word that it’s final status is Finalist.

After having the story in a high state of limbo, it’s a relief just to know for sure what to call it.



2 thoughts on “It ain’t final til it’s final

  1. I had the same experience. I expected to be devastated, but was actually a little relieved to get the news. Finalist is good. Top 8 out of more than 1000. That’s pat yourself on the back territory. Please try again. I will.

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