About Me

I’m writing every day until I get it right.

You may know me as the Organizer for the Boston Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Meetup or as a fellow member of Write You Bastards Write or as an alumna of the Boston-based Ultimate SF Workshop.  It’s also possible that you’ve seen me enjoying or serving a cask-conditioned beer at a NERAX event. If that doesn’t help, I’m yet another writer with a husband, two cats, and one published story. I write by staring out the window and watching the birds in my garden and wondering how the bees are doing.

Sometimes, I like to post pictures of what I’m seeing out that window and in my garden.

Sometimes, I post about how my writing is going.

Sometimes, I post what I’m cooking.

Sometimes I post my reactions to stories and books I’ve read. When I read a story, I try to think about how it affected me and why. That way, I learn even from the ones I don’t like. The really difficult part is explaining why I like them. And it’s nearly impossible for me to be rational about a story fall in love with. If I don’t like a story, I usually won’t finish it, but if I feel obliged to, or I feel some other need to discuss it, I will post about it on Monday or Tuesday, since those are the grumpy days.

And sometimes post some random bit of nonsense, just for the hell of it.

You can always drop me a line behind the scenes.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Pam,
    This looks like a good start. Looking forward to your book lists and other writing tips.

  2. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for taking a look. I’ll be posting from my reading log for a while. So my current writing tip is: read widely.

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