Re: The Fuller Memorandum

Charles Stross is getting to be my go-to guy when I want something quick and trashy to read, like The Fuller Memorandum. This is the third book set in the Laundry, a super-secret British spy agency, tasked to keep computers from unwittingly summoning the Old Ones. Things are explained enough for the book to stand […]

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Re: All Flee The Vocab Quiz

So, let’s see. “Shoggoths in Bloom” cast an admiring eye on squamous creatures. “Dark Heaven” offered mystical squamous creatures. Well, actually, neither of them were really squamous even if they were creatures. No, for real squamous horror, you need to go back to a Podcastle miniature form last fall called “All Flee the Vocab Quiz,” […]

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Nebula 2008 Roundup

Much like last year I didn’t manage to read all the Nebula nominees. Not for lack of trying. I was able to lay hold of all the novels, but several of the anthologies weren’t to be found in the library. Maybe there’s less room in the budget to buy obscure small press collections. While I […]

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Re: The Button Bin

I don’t automatically reject second person, but I’m always surprised by its use. It’s such a strange,  almost invasive way to tell a story. I need to think about why it was used. In the case of “The Button Bin,” by Mike Allen I think it serves as an extended metaphor for the final image […]

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Re: Descending

Like a lot of people, I was shocked to hear that Tom Disch killed himself last weekend. I have to confess that I think I’ve spent more time listening to him at Readercon than reading his works. Most of it is too challenging for me. I mean, I’ve only seen the movie of “The Brave […]

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