Re: The Vision

While there isn’t even one impossible thing in “The Vision,” by Jonathan Lethem, it has plenty of strangeness to offer. It begins with the narrator, Joel Porush, invoking grade school kickball in all its nubbly red glory. In the midst of things is his classmate, Adam Cressner, who admires the Vision so much he wears […]

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Re: Bullet In The Brain

Normally, I’m not all that interested in literary fiction. Most of what I’ve seen feels more like stuff you’re supposed to like, not stories you can like. The worse cases are go down like medicine that tastes so bad, you know it must be good for you. But on rare occasions, I’m surprised by a […]

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Reading by listening

One way I like to read is by using my computer as the world’s most expensive radio, and listening to podcasts. A lot of podcasts are ways to listen to radio programs on your own time, and Chapter a Day has been around practically since the start of radio. Like it says, they pick out […]

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Re: The Final Solution

In the early years of WWII, an elderly beekeeper in Sussex is annoyed by a silent young boy who bears a number-chanting parrot on his shoulders. Though the Great Detective is never named, you have little doubt who is pursuing the mystery. The Final Solution, by Michael Chabon is exquisite in both senses of the […]

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