Re: Powers

It’s dangerous to come in at the third novel of a series. You might get bogged down in recaps. You might get dumped into the middle and left totally confused. Powers, by Ursula K. Le Guin, opens at a new begining. Gavir, a young slave in the household of Arcamand, looks forward to becoming a […]

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Re: The Space Time Pool

I liked the opening of “The Space Time Pool,” by Catherine Asaro. It seemed a lovely setting, the Great Smoky Mountains covered with rhododendrons in flower and cicadas buzzing on a fine day in June. A lovely place for Janelle to go for a walk to celebrate getting a her math degree from MIT. Considering […]

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Re: Pride and Prometheus

In a double pastiche of Jane Austen and Mary Shelley, John Kessel‘s “Pride and Prometheus” introduces Mary Bennett to Viktor Frankenstein. Being a tortured romantic hero,  Viktor fits neatly into Mary’s world, seeming at first merely to be a moody, intelligent young man who is unaccountably intrigued by what Mary’s interest in natural philosophy. But […]

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Re: Trophy Wives

In “Trophy Wives,” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Ylva Sif has a history of estranged marriages, but now lives with a mental link with another woman, Alanna Brigid Kinnowar. Alanna is married to Gwelf, a wealthy man who both tolerates the two women and supports them. Then Ylva goes to market to buy perberries and comes […]

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