Not a bee, but an amazing simulacrum!

There’s a ton of native asters that are hard to distinguish, as I discovered after spending easily a confused hour pondering my wildflower book. I finally decided that it’s Heart-Leaved Aster overflowing in my back yard with huge plumes of pale lavender-to-white flowers feeding lots of happy bees. Except one of them is a syrphid […]


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Lately these leggy yellow flowers are all over the coneflowers. They look a bit like dandelion flowers, but the dandelion flowered in spring; it’s high summer now, totally the wrong season. Plus there are candelabra of flowers on each plant, and it’s a lot taller. Hawkweed. So, any guesses why I’m interested in it?

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I finally found the bees! In fact, it’s been Buzzapaloosa around here. The honeybees have been hiding in the bladder campion. Nice to see I was remembering correctly that it’s a popular flower with them. The bumblebees are a lot easier to spot, naturally.

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