Re: Revelation Space

With this year’s Boskone coming up soon, it’s about time that I got around to reading something by last year’s Boskone Guest of Honor, Alastair Reynolds.  Revelation Space seemed like a good book to read to find out whether I regret not being in the long line of people who wanted him to sign their […]

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Re: Lord of Emperors

Lord of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay is probably the fattest book I’ve ever read in one sitting. (It helped that I started reading early, about 9 pm.) I immediately warmed to the physician, Rustem. As he entered Sarantium, we re-entered the the story from the previous book. About halfway through, when realized what danger […]

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Re: The Collapsium

When you’re reading something that’s so aggressively bad it makes your stomach hurt, it’s no great act of courage to invoke the 150 page rule. But when the book merely fails to entertain you, you can only set it aside with a twinge of regret. For example, I’m sorry that I gave up on The […]

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