Re: Thief of Time

One thing I am is stubborn. Another thing I is reluctant to leave anything unfinished, no matter how long it takes me. So after more than a year (has it really been that long? and is that really so surprising?), I am returning to my Pratchett Project. In my first pass, I read enough of […]


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Re: Sailing Alone Around the Room

After sampling a few Billy Collins poems I got a very high hit rate by his collection of greatest hits from previous collections: Sailing Alone Around the Room. Many of them read more like short shorts, but the insights at the end are often unexpected and the language of metaphor very poetic. And they’re funny.

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Re: Skin Folk

Once upon a time, I read In The New Moon’s Arms , and I liked it so much, I decided to track down more Nalo Hopkinson. I found what I was looking for in her short story collection, Skin Folk. Magic and folk tale elements turn up in many of the stories. The stories are […]

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Re: A Song for Arbonne

Set in a world based on the times of troubadour in Provence, A Song for Arbonne stars a group of extraordinary characters who do extraordinary things. As in Tigana, much of the story is driven by men who cannot give up their fixations. Also, Fionavar is mentioned, and there’s a big battle at the end. […]

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