Re: Newton’s Wake

Newton’s Wake, by Ken McLeod has a terrific beginning, in which Lucinda Carlyle leads her team through a gate to another planet, on an expedition of combat archeology. They storm a henge and awaken an alien technology that unleashes war machines on them. And in the wake of that battle, the book reveals a grand […]

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Re: A Handbook of American Prayer

In the opening of A Handbook of American Prayer, by Lucius Shepard, Wardlin is tending bar when a woman walks in before opening hours. He gives her a hard time, but her boyfriend gets it even rougher, when they get in a fight and Wardlin accidentally kills him. Though Wardlin isn’t the nicest guy in […]

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Re: The Final Solution

In the early years of WWII, an elderly beekeeper in Sussex is annoyed by a silent young boy who bears a number-chanting parrot on his shoulders. Though the Great Detective is never named, you have little doubt who is pursuing the mystery. The Final Solution, by Michael Chabon is exquisite in both senses of the […]

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