Leaning tower of books

Still growing the book stack. Still taking pictures of it. Still posting about the number of books I haven’t read lately. Still boring you to yawns. You know, here’s one good thing about this blog being so boring. When I find a comment in my spam filter praising its content and promising to check it […]

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The Book Stack Shrinks!

Ta Da! My current stack of Books to Read is down to only two books. That won’t last long, though.  I think I’m about to add at least one more book to the To Read list. And tomorrow I’m going to the library. (cue happy dance)

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A storm of books

There’s some nasty weather coming through, so naturally I went out and got the essentials: a stack of books and a case of paper. This is the first time I’ve bought a whole case (there’s a 50% rebate deal at Staples), so it feels like now I have a lifetime supply of paper. Of course, […]

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