I’ve been suckered by the craziest thing. Have you ever been to an animal shelter and there’s that one cat (or dog) and you take one look and you know you’re in trouble. Well, I got that feeling when I saw Leroy. He’s an alebrije, a wood carving from Oaxaca. They’ve travelled from fever dreams […]


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California goldenrod

While out in my old stomping ground, I also visited the Old Mission Dam. It was built in the early 19th century by the Indians and monks of Mission San Diego de Alcala to create a steady water supply from the San Diego river. Now it’s a quiet little park. There were ducks on the […]

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The Elusive Monarch

Finally,  the butterfly bush (Buddleia) lives up to its name. It even slowed down that pesky Monarch butterfly that’s been taunting me all summer. It enjoyed the flowers just long enough for me to get a few pictures. Though it’s late, I’m still hoping to see more.

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What Butterfly Bush?

You know you’re obsessed with bees when you buy a Butterfly Bush (or Buddleia) because there are gigantic bees buzzing all over it. Meanwhile, there was a plant sprouting in my yard that I half-knew what it was but couldn’t quite name it, until I plunked down the storebought Buddleia. I took one look and […]

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Not A Monarch, Not Milkweed

I’m not totally obsessed with bees. I’m looking for butterflies, too. Just the other day, I saw a bright yellow fluttering go by, but it wasn’t a monarch. I don’t think I’ve seen this kind before. My first guess is a Pink-edged Sulphur. He really didn’t want to sit still, and I think he looks […]

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