Cicadas are heard more than seen

I hear cicadas buzzing every warm day, but hardly ever see them. The closest I get is their discarded shells, on the ground, on a branch, on a wall. They live as larvae in the ground, growing to fat nymphs, and when they mature, they crawl up and shed their old selves.

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Bugs of Summer

Summer is full of bugs. I’ll let you think up the nasty ones. The good ones include bees and syrphid flies, dragonflies and damselflies, butterflies and moths, crickets at night, and now that’s we’ve hit the hazy hot humid dog days, cicadas. Cicadas are the quintessential summer bug. When you hear their buzzing whir up […]

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One of my favorite sounds of late summer is the buzz of cicadas. Even though I hear them singing to each other from tree to tree and across the street, I hardly ever get to see one. Usually the closest I get is a discarded skin. But this year, I stumbled on Lyric Cicada. Unfortunately, […]

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