Close inspection may reveal some irregularities

It’s a bad sign for this blog that I’m starting to skip days without feeling much of an urge to apologize. To both of you. Needless to say this blog is not exactly my highest priority. Nor will I bore you with the matters that, despite their importance, I don’t care to share. Still, I […]


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Irregular blog is irregular

I see it didn’t take very long for me to miss a day. The best part about forgetting to post is that I get to talk about it the next day, so it’s actually a twofer. Then I predict that I will continue to forget occasionally. Now we’re up to a three-bagger. Best of all, […]

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Phooey, yawn, and phooey

Have I said Phooey before? Why yes, I believe I have. Am I saying Phooey now? Very well then, I shall say Phooey. Shall I say Phooey again? No doubt of it whatsoever. Phooey yesterday and Phooey tomorrow, why not Phooey today? Good night, gents and ladies.

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