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It’s too warm for crocus

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It’s just plain too warm today to get excited about crocuses, but here they are, the first ones in my yard. Oh yeah, and the snowdrops are looking very happy. Warm, cold, they don’t seem to care. They have flowering to do!


Bees are up!

Honeybee gathering crocus pollen

First I saw sunlight catching on insects flying over the garden, but I wasn’t sure I saw anything big enough. Then I definitely caught sight of yellow and black stripes.  I walked over to the crocuses and heard that old, familar buzz. And there she was, the first bee of the year!

She’s definitely a honeybee, though browner than most. And while I got this picture, a big fat bee passed by, possibly a shiny-butt Carpenter bee.

The bees are ready, too.

More crocuses

Okay, bees, we’re ready for you.

Rows of crocus

Turkeys got you down?

Look what the turkeys did to my collard plants! I don’t think I’ll be cooking any home-grown greens for a little while yet.

I’ll survive. The collards will survive.  Like crocus, they spring annually.

Sure looks springlike

There are crocuses smattering on the hillside.
The collards have survived so well, they look like flowers.
I saw a hawk again this morning, distinctly red-tailed as it circled high overhead.
Not only is today the vernal equinox, it actually looks like spring around here.

But tomorrow, it’s going to snow.

First crocus is gold

Golden crocus opening

Here it is, the first crocus of the year. As always a sturdy little yellow one. And I saw other signs of spring today. I went for a walk and saw lots of robins milling about amid the starlings. I went for a drive and saw lots of hawks circling the sky and brooding in trees. The sparrows went somewhere where they seem to be finding lots of other food that is not in the nearly untouched feeders.  The equinox is just a couple weeks away.

But I’m still not so sure about spring: we could still get a blizzard.

It’s sunny! It’s spring!

Crocuses beckon to honeybees

It was such a sunny day I saw two honeybees searching for more flowers this afternoon. One of them buzzed my ear, but that was the closest I got. So for a picture, here’s a beautiful bee from another blog in my neighborhood.
This kind of extreme weather I like!

Crocus are up

First crocus are up

Ah! I love the sight of crocus in the afternoon. It looks like spring.

Beware of lurking crocus

Crocus shoots

Spring is sneaking up on us.
Under the old, dry leaves,
From the cold, hard ground,
Out of the round, hidden bulbs,
Crocus will poke us.

Crocuses are sneaking up

Crocus shoots

Never mind the snow, the ice, and especially not the cold. Crocuses and snowdrops are quietly poking up from the ground. Quick, take a look before the snow covers them again!