Bees are up!

First I saw sunlight catching on insects flying over the garden, but I wasn’t sure I saw anything big enough. Then I definitely caught sight of yellow and black stripes.  I walked over to the crocuses and heard that old, familar buzz. And there she was, the first bee of the year! She’s definitely a […]

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Sure looks springlike

There are crocuses smattering on the hillside. The collards have survived so well, they look like flowers. I saw a hawk again this morning, distinctly red-tailed as it circled high overhead. Not only is today the vernal equinox, it actually looks like spring around here. But tomorrow, it’s going to snow.

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First crocus is gold

Here it is, the first crocus of the year. As always a sturdy little yellow one. And I saw other signs of spring today. I went for a walk and saw lots of robins milling about amid the starlings. I went for a drive and saw lots of hawks circling the sky and brooding in […]

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