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Surprised by daffodils

Look at all these daffodils!

I’m not used to springlike weather in March.

I’m not used to whole clumps of daffodils bursting open at once.

I’m not used to spending the vernal equinox wishing I had put shorts on.

But with the flowers coming up and the bees coming out, I sure could get used to this!



Tulips for Easter Sunday

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What more is there to say except that the sun is out and the tulips are prospering?


April showers bring April flowers, too

Daffodils shining in light rainSadly, NERAX is over for a year. Happily, so is winter. We had our bit of spring snow, and I’m finally willing to believe that that’s it for the white stuff.

Today it’s raining, and the daffodils that were just opening last week are wide awake. All we need now is the bees.

Next stop on the spring train: Daffodils!

Daffodils starting to open

This clump of daffodils is starting to open the first flowers. I wonder if they’re really sure about it, though. One of them seems to be trying to sneak into the house.

Spring is ready

It hit 80 degrees outside today. All sorts of green plants are coming up, getting ready to put on another show. I even have two barrels of compost that cooked over the winter, ready to spread on them again. I’m almost ready to enjoy the coming spring.

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But first you have to convince me that it’s not going to snow again.

Hey buddy

Daffodils (I think) in bud

Spring continues to slink closer, skirting around sheets of stubborn ice. Look here: I do believe those are daffodil buds.

More daffodils

Yellow daffodils

Daffodils here.

Daffodils there.

More daffodils everyday.

The annual flowering cycle begins again.

Daffodils are open!

First daffodils of my year

I never get my fill

Of daffodils.

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Hold still, daffodils

Yellow and orange daffodils

Yellow and orange daffodils

Yellow and white daffodils

Yellow and white daffodils

Bumblebees are buzzing me. Do they hold still? No. Mysterious little brown bees are patrolling the ground. Do they hold still? No. They’re so quick, I’m not even sure they’re bees.  Where can I get a picture? Daffodils. They hold still.

Good old golden daffodils

Bright yellow daffodils

Bright yellow daffodils

Here you go: the obligatory spring bulbs, and you can’t get much more obligatory than golden yellow daffodils. The garden just isn’t complete without them.

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