The wrong deadline

Today was the deadline I set to find out how silly I could make a story, and the answer turns out to be: not very silly at all. Even when I set it, I knew perfectly well that I would be too distracted by the prospect of beer to get very far. Sometimes, I manage […]

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Though I failed to meet my goal last year of getting better at finishing stories, I think I learned something from the year-end push.

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Looking back on 2010

My overall writing goal for 2010 was to get better at finishing things. And yet somehow, I didn’t quite say so when posted my goals here. Instead I listed the stories I wanted to finish. Of those, I finished and sold(!) the “Evolutionary Just-So” story, the story with “something wonderful hidden in it” held on […]

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I guess that’s one down

Today is the first deadline I set myself, so today I declare my evolutionary Just-So story done. Even though it’s a bit of foolishness written for my inner six-year-old, it’s been absurdly hard for me to let go of it. So be it. It’s as done as it’s going to get. Go find your own […]

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When I set my writing goals for this year, I thought finishing six drafts in a year wouldn’t be that hard for me. Even when I turned up a seventh draft I wanted to finish, it still seemed doable. Now it’s March, I’m starting to notice that I’m haven’t finished any of them.

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