Re: Eugene

I do love me some talking dog stories. They’re such fun! And you don’t even have to take them for walksies. Just listen to a reading of “Eugene,” by Jacob Sager Weinstein. Eugene is a dogman serving as a police officer. There’s such an immense amount of charm in his narration. The story itself is […]

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I gotta see a poem about a dog

So there was this poem I heard on Prairie Home Companion that I liked, but all I remembered was ,” “Poet Laureate,” “dog, and “fun-nee.” I got sidetracked by the wrong Poet Laureate, but another stab into the PHC site turned up the segment where I first heard it. Three years ago. Wow. This is […]

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Re: The Edge of Nowhere

What is it with me and talking dogs? In The Edge of Nowhere, by James Patrick Kelly, three sinister talking dogs show up, looking for a book that doesn’t exist. But then it’s doubtful that anything or anyone in Nowhere exists.

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Re: Dancing On Air

Like “Bullet In The Brain,” “Dancing On Air,” by Nancy Kress is another old favorite of mine. This Nebula and Hugo nominee from 1993 is a compelling glimpse into the competitive backstage of ballet: the injuries, the competition, the starvation, all showing the lengths (mostly) women will go to become ballerinas. They even use illegal […]

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