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In search of the future at Boskone

In contrast to the trashing given to SF’s ability to predict the future at Readercon last year, last Friday at Boskone, “The Place of Prediction in SF and Reality” confined the trashing to Hugo Gernsback’s ability to predict the future. He sure inspired a whole bunch of other people to do better.

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Readercon and facing the future–not

At the “So, What’s New?” panel at Readercon, Warren Lapine launched a salvo that current science fiction is doing a remarkably poor job of dealing with the future. As Paolo Balcigalupi said, SF set in the future needs to at least tip its hat to global warming. There’s story after story after story in global warming, from rising waters to shifting biozones, that SF is ignoring. In this and other panels I attended, when the subject is brought up, the only books dealing with global warming that anyone can think of are the three by Kim Stanley Robinson: Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below, and Sixty Days and Counting.  Why is that?

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