Re: Genesis Illustrated

The Book of Genesis, illustrated by Robert Crumb by R. Crumb has got to be the most repetitive  title I’ve ever seen, almost as repetitive as the “begats” Crumb had to tackle when he decided to illustrate the full text of Genesis. When I heard about this book, I was intrigued because R. Crumb is […]

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Re: Inbound 4

Boston is full of local history, odd little stories that add up to a sense of place. A fun collection of some is presented in comic book form is Inbound 4: A Comic Book History of Boston. Assembled by the Boston Comics Roundtable, these Boston-based artists tell a wide assortment of historic tales. It’s like […]

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Re: Watchmen

Well, I finally read Watchmen, the graphic novel in which Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons so expertly deconstructed a genre overripe for deconstruction — the superhero comic. I’ve been hearing about this book for twenty years. I resisted because I just don’t care about superheroes. I always knew superheroes were silly, but I never realized […]

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