Melt, already!

There’s only so many pictures you can take of snow of ice, especially when it looks exactly the same from day to day. Exactly the same. So…here’s what it looks like at night.

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Now that the January thaw has started and paused and started and paused, this stone wall is covered with icicles hanging from every protruding surface. How New-Englandy. As for the orchid, it’s still … opening.

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Deep Freeze

It’s about as cold as it gets here: 20s during the day, single digits overnight. All the odd little places where puddles form are now cold and dry. The frozen ground has that weird dry sponge feel underfoot, from the way the ice expands in the upper layer as it freezes. And this dairy crate […]

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Could this be our February thaw? The ice is melting under the tiny shelves that form at the edges of the snowbanks. You can hear dripping all around outside. It’s still not melting fast enough to suit me, and while I was hacking at crunchy, cracking ice, I found out that my scarf is indeed […]

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