Re: Newton’s Wake

Newton’s Wake, by Ken McLeod has a terrific beginning, in which Lucinda Carlyle leads her team through a gate to another planet, on an expedition of combat archeology. They storm a henge and awaken an alien technology that unleashes war machines on them. And in the wake of that battle, the book reveals a grand […]


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Re: Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359?

Set in the same universe of Learning the World, where stars are surrounded by green habitats, “Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359?,” by Ken McLeod starts out looking like a romp across the stars. The narrator sleeps with the wrong woman, and rather than work for the next 257 years to pay off his fine, he […]

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Re: Learning the World

Learning the World, by Ken MacLeod, seems like an appropriate place to start a blog, since the book opens with an entry of the biolog of Atomic Discourse Gale, as she tells how she climbs to the summit of her world and meets Constantine the Oldest Man. This book is such fun! I was totally […]

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