I’m not sure I should write about this so soon. Two weeks into it, I was all full of enthusiasm for Do It Tomorrow. Bit by bit, it slowly became harder to keep current, and once I fell behind, it all became just as big a swamp as ever.  Now I’m two weeks in and […]


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Re: Do It Tomorrow

One of the things I like about Mark Forster is that he’s clearly one of us, just trying to figure out how actually do the things you want to do. For instance, near the beginning of Do It Tomorrow, he confesses that no one was able to do the mental strength exercise from Get Everything […]

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Re: Get Everything Done

I can’t help it if I’m a sucker for books with titles that make big promises. And the bigger the promise, the more skeptical you need to be. I was willing to believe in Get Everything Done, when Mark Forster confesses to being a procrastinator. I was won over by the insight he shows into […]

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