Multiple monarchs

I’ve seen as many as four Monarch butterflies nectaring on the butterfly bushes in the last few days. The weather has been so nice, I think they’ve forgotten all about migrating south. Fuel up, little guys! You need to get a move on.

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Winter is coming, the Monarchs are going

The monarchs are on their way to their winter capital. Butterflies, that is, heading for Mexico. One visited my Butterfly bush on this cloudy day. It sipped a good nectar snack, and fluttered along on its way. I passed along word to Journey South, but that might be my whole sighting of the annual migration.


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More monarchs, la-di-da

I don’t know where we got this overblown scare. Massive storm in the Northeast? Get real! A little wind, a little rain, big deal! What was that, a feather? It’s like the weather keeps saying, To the moon, to the moon, pow! — but the braying is over now. The world is blue skies and […]

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The Elusive Monarch

Finally,  the butterfly bush (Buddleia) lives up to its name. It even slowed down that pesky Monarch butterfly that’s been taunting me all summer. It enjoyed the flowers just long enough for me to get a few pictures. Though it’s late, I’m still hoping to see more.

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