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Burning the candle on three ends

Yes, it is possible to burn a candle at three ends.

Yes, it is possible to burn a candle on three ends.

For the last month, I’ve been burning my candle on three ends. First, there’s the challenge of trying to write a story a week. Second, there’s the spring Real Ale festival that I help organize, NERAX. And the third is spreading the word about native bees, with Friends of Bees. So it’s probably not too surprising that it’s going to take over a month to finish story #5. And it’s probably even less surprising that it’s still not finished. But it’s really close!

Since NERAX starts next week, I plan to finish story #5 by this Sunday. During the week of NERAX, I’ll aim to write one flash story. But after it, maybe I’ll do something crazy like write a flash a day for a week.  Who knows?


Fooled you!

Did you think I would have something today? I’m too tired from helping clean up after NERAX.

Last day of NERAX

But you still didn’t hear from me.

Even more NERAX

Nope. Not here. Still at NERAX.

Still at NERAX

So tonight, you didn’t hear from me because this is the second night of NERAX.

In which I try to sell you some beer

The New England Real Ale eXhibition starts a week from tonight, so it’s past time for my annual attempt to explain why I think cask-conditioned beer is so special. “Cask-conditioned” is the awkward technical term for “the yeast is allowed to make the beer naturally bubbly right in the vessel from which it’s served.” It’s the way all beer used to be carbonated until the overwhelming convenience of chilled, filtered, kegged beer took over nearly every bar. Only in England did beer drinkers organize (or should that be organise) enough to declare that traditional beer was “real ale” and there needs to be a place for it. And the reason why it’s worth preserving is flavor.
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NERAX is hastening near

Instead of going to Boskone tonight, I’ve got my webmaster hat on. I’ve been wearing it all week, working on updating the NERAX website nerax.org. It’s now running on Joomla, and it’s like having a  new toy to play with. The festival itself is coming up at the end of March, and we’re just hitting the period when everyone involved goes crazy making sure it happens.

If you’re at all interested in beer, served in the most traditional and delicious manner, you might want to check it out!

NERAX North is coming

Well, I’ve got another beer festival to keep me busy: I’ll be the Bar Manager at NERAX North, starting a week from tonight.

NERAX is all about the traditional method of serving beer, naturally carbonated and cool as a stone-lined cellar. It’s beer you can taste and beer worth tasting.

This year, we have a strong contingent of beers from Maine. The British beers include many craft beers that are very hard to get over here, including the Champion Beer of Britain. We even have some German cask beers.

It all happens in a nice, relaxing space at the Tap in Haverhill. So if you’d like to try something special, drop in and say hi!

NERAX Saturday

If you don’t see anything here, it’s because I’m running the bar for the last day of NERAX!

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NERAX Friday

Siberian squill invite you to look closer to the ground

If you don’t see anything here, it’s because all my intentions to write a blog post have vanished along with the brief snow that fell this morning. There’s always one last bit of spring snow, and it’s a relief to see it come to so little. I still haven’t forgetten the April Fool’s Blizzard.

Now the blue squill are flowering amid the clumps of snowdrops.

But the real reason I didn’t write anything here is that  I’m still busy with NERAX!