Still impatient

Looks like a squirrel is impatient, too. And the bugs. It was just starting to smell like a peach, with a faint fragrance more like a blossom than a fruit. Although I cut off the damage and bit it myself, it’s not at all sweet, with no hint of peach flavor. Not even a squirel […]


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I was elated to find this teeny white fuzzy buds on the peach. It’s not even as tall as I am, and it set fruit! I never saw which bees did the pollination, but thank you, little bees. And it’s really too early to get excited about a tomato flower, but there’s a tomato flower! […]

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Flower power–wow!

Yesterday my tulip patch were all green buds, with only a hint of color. Today, thanks to our spring heat wave, they just exploded. These are my favorites, bright yellow with red flames, a small part of a mix of Darwin hybrids, which have been coming back, better and better every year.

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First fruits

Here’s the first batch of daffodils cut. They’re now on my desk, exuding so much soapy scent, I’m sneezing. And my fruit trees arrived!

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