Not looking good

I guess I’m about a third of the way through my crazy end of the world flying pig story. The chunks that look almost done are getting bigger, but I keep moving my own goal posts. Not looking good for finishing it by the end of the year. Week. Friday. Three days to go. Geez, […]

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Getting near the end

I wish I was getting near the end of the story I’m currently working on, the crazy one, the one about the end of the world. And a flying pig. It’s been fun to play with it and think about it, and baffling to have it toy with me. For all I know, the story […]

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Mirror mode

The writing is going even more slowly than usual. I’m in smoothing out and polishing mode on the current story. I will try to let go before it has to become mirror shiny. The rejections aren’t even happening all that quickly: just one came in this last week to bounced out again like a ray […]

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Embrace the surprise

Last week, when I said I was going to put down my head and butt it against a story until it was done, I was feeling pretty frustrated. Every time I poked at it, the story would go in a new direction, getting weirder and weirder. On the good side, this was exactly what made […]

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You may not see much here

I’ve been poking at a story and working on something else and poking at the story and working on something else, and that something else has to give. This blog. It’s put up or shut time on the story. So you’re probably going to see some really terse posts and more flowers for a while.

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