Caught a glimpse of the Alewife hawks

As I was going thither and home yesterday, I passed through the Alewife shopping center, and looked for the Red-tailed Hawks. The nest was clearly visible up on 185  Alewife, but no hawks were to be seen. I could have sworn I saw hawks working on the nest earlier this year, but perhaps they hadn’t […]


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Link laziness

I’m not getting a whole lot done today, so here’s a random collection of things to read to keep you from getting anything done. The hawks in the area are active, but that’s not keeping the squirrels down.  Here’s a video of a squirrel daring a young hawk to come and get it. Warning: includes […]

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So I’m about to make a turn from the Fresh Pond Mall onto Alewife Parkway, when I notice a cluster of people across the street. They’re all looking up at something, some with binoculars. One has a telescope. Are they birding? I look up.

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