A green and happy new year

My herb garden wishes you a Happy New Year. Scallions are standing up and waving from the back. On the left quadrant, thyme is lounging. And on the right, bright green parsley clusters around the solar lamp. In the mild winter we’re having, a few mornings of frost doesn’t even dent these hardy souls.

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Tomato in the snow?

After a snowstorm, you expect to see scallions poking out the snow. You’re not even all that surprised to find snapdragons cheerily smiling at you. But a tomato plant should not be looking frisky when a couple inches of wet snow melts away. Nor should you be glimpsing red under the vines. So you can […]

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Rain is good

I guess I don’t have to worry about watering for a few days. Those are scallions waiting to be pricked apart and planted … somewhere. I haven’t quite decided yet, and there are still scallions, onions, garlic, and shallots tucked away in various corners. Flanking it are two varieties of cilantro, and behind it is […]

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The storm was not very nice to my cold weather plants.  The snapdragons are munged, the collards are covered, and the scallions are barely hanging in there, all scraggly on top of the snow. I’m sure the scallions will be fine, and the snapdragons will grow back. But I worry about the collards up on […]

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Cold customers

The cold snap has melted, but there’s some still greenery in the garden. The snapdragons are looking a bit water-logged, but they’re standing up to the rain. With flowers even. Scallions are on the march. And the collards looked a bit lumpen this morning, but perked up by the afternoon. These guys can really tough […]

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