Strawberries: 3, Slugs: 0

It’s June, and that means strawberries. Big, bright strawberries. Handfuls of them day by day. I even remembered to put out beer traps for the slugs. Oddly enough I haven’t caught any yet. Nor have I found the characteristic circular bites taken of sweet, sweet berries. I wonder if the recent heat dried them up?


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Strawberries are ripe!

I picked about a cup of these beauties today.  Like everything else, they’re early. Usually I have to wait until June for ripe strawberries, although I suppose Memorial Day weekend is about as close to June you can get and still be May. Only berry had a small bite taken out, so I think the […]

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Return of the cool

The cool weather coming back has brought the comeback of the Alpine strawberries. Once again, they’re good for a small handful of intensely ripe little dots of sweetness. It’s nice, but I feel like the weather is getting cooler quicker than usual this year.  I’m not used to hearing frost warnings in September. Maybe we […]

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A darker harvest

Sounds like a cheesy vampire novel, but all I see are deep colored berries entering the mix: black raspberries, blueberries, and darkest of all, mulberries. Oh yeah, the strawberries are still ripening, too. Whenever I pick black raspberries, I always remember a story I read as a child, “Green Black Raspberries are Red.” This is […]

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