Still juggling

As I mentioned last week, I’m working harder at catching the rejections and turning them into submissions. It’s like juggling with six balls in the air, though. Just in this last week, four stories came back and got sent out again. I feel half tempted to seek out markets that take a long time to […]

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How to get rejected

I’ve been slacking on the hard work of gathering rejections lately. Those recent brushes with selling a story kind of threw me off my game. And it didn’t help that two of them had fallen into black holes, so I had to look up how to withdraw them. And write notes of withdrawal. And work […]

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Slow motion juggling

I recently hit a milestone: a rejection that actually said something specific about the story. Which is nice, but the important thing about getting a rejection is it means I submitted a story. That was scary, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as finishing a story.

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