Last assault on the weeds

The evil Black  Swallow-wort thinks it’s so clever, dying down and hiding under the fallen leaves.  Too bad for the weed it forgot that leaves falling would reveal where it’s trying to reach up into the crab apple trees and drag them down.  So I plunged into the fray one last time, wielding my deadly […]

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Oh joy, the weeds are up

I shouldn’t get too excited about the bees and the flowers. The Black Swallow-wort is sprouting too, like little green trumpets of war. This is the first one I spotted just a couple days ago. It seemed pretty isolated, but now I’m seeing it everywhere. The annual assault of weeds is on, just as I’ve […]

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This is just too weird

There’s a story in Science News about brainlike properties in plant roots. There’s zillions of tendrils that connect with each other. They communicate chemically, and maybe even electrically. The article is vague about how exactly plants demonstrate behavior, but it’s more than speculation. I’ve seen what it’s talking about when digging up the evil Black […]

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Weed patrol: Beggar-tick

I looked for ragweed. And didn’t find any in the spot that was infested last year. Or anywhere else. Yet. I looked for nightshade. And found plenty in the usual spots. Those bright red fruits made it easy to spot, but they plop out everywhere when you pull it up. I didn’t have to look […]

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Behold the army

Oh, hell. All my earlier optimism about defeating the Black Swallow-wort this year evaporated when I saw this. This is the side of the hill where I haven’t done much digging and uprooting last year or the years before. Sure, the parts where I have been on the offensive are looking pretty good, but it’s […]

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Black swallow-wort

Behold the enemy. These are the weeds I should be digging. Just as the maple sprouts start to get scarce, the Black Swallow-wort pokes its evil head above the ground. That bit of hot weather over the weekend seems to have flushed them out, too. Thank goodness it’s cool and springlike again. Makes spending an […]

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