Re: Thief of Time

One thing I am is stubborn. Another thing I is reluctant to leave anything unfinished, no matter how long it takes me. So after more than a year (has it really been that long? and is that really so surprising?), I am returning to my Pratchett Project. In my first pass, I read enough of […]

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Re: Small Gods

While so far, my favorite book by Terry Pratchett is easily Small Gods, it’s not so easy to call it a funny book. In this book, he finally sets aside the urge for constant jokiness, and is content to raise a few smiles or groans, while telling a damn good story. This is the story […]

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Re: Hogfather

One of the coolest aspect of reading so many Terry Pratchett books is watching a popular author get better. That doesn’t happen nearly often enough. After a rough start, I’ve enjoyed his books more and more, especially the Death stories, and now I can say Hogfather is a great book and an excellent TV movie. […]

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Re: Soul Music

Sadly Soul Music was the first Terry Pratchett book that was long enough for me to invoke the 150 page rule. I wanted to like this book, but I couldn’t.

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Re: Pyramids

If you’re reluctant to commit to reading even a sub-series of Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld books, Pyramids is a pretty good standalone sampler of his humor. Teppic, heir to the kingdom of Djelibeybi, is a good-hearted character, even if he is training to be an assassin. The first third of the book is dominated by his […]

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Re: Reaper Man

Somewhat like Guards!, Guards!, it took me a while to read Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett, but this time it was because I kept having to stop and laugh and read bits out loud if anyone was within earshot. Somewhat like Mort, Death takes a leave of absence, only this time it’s forced on him, […]

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Re: Guards, Guards

I first encountered Guards! Guards!, by Terry Pratchett, in a BBC Radio adaptation, and based on the number of torrents available if you search for it, a lot of people liked it a lot more than I did. When I got around to reading the book, there were just enough funny bits to keep me […]

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Re: Mort

In Mort, Terry Pratchett gives us the first in-depth look at the life of Death. The scythe. The room full of life-timers. The great white charger, Binky. Death goes on holiday, leaving his apprentice, Mort, in charge. Maybe not such a good idea, considering that young Mortimer was the last lad on offer on prenticing […]

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More Pratchett, some witches

I actually read Equal Rites far more recently than I first read the next two “witch books” by Terry Pratchett, so all I knew was that I liked them. Even on rereading Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad, the moment I put them down I can’t remember one bit of the story, or which book or […]

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