Meanwhile, on the ground

What I consider my ground covers are doing their thing. Since I want the violets where they are, they’re not weeds, they’re wildflowers. The ajuga come from a six pack that I planted years ago, and after much coddling are finally looking good. The strawberries are only a couple years old, and happily spreading. This […]

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Unweeds: Violets

Not all uninvited plants are weeds in my yard; some are welcome guests. The violets that pop up on every patch of cool bare earth make a lovely groundcover. They flower well into summer. They only grow a few inches tall. (No way do I ever mow.) And if I want to claim the space […]

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Syrphid fly?

Here’s some more flowers the bees are visiting. Not to mention another example of why the violets get free rein in my yard: they look nice next to the azaleas. Yesterday I thought I saw a bumblebee, but its buzz had that whiny fly quality. Probably a syrphid fly; they look a lot like bees […]

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