Weed patrol: Curly dock

Like so many other perennial weeds, curly dock first reveals itself as a rosette, then rises up as a towering, magnificent bastard. Check out this one, already taller than my rain barrel. Supposedly it’s edible, but I never find them before they’ve already turned bitter. Slugs are more likely to eat it.


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Weed patrol: Trees?

For all the griping I do about the evil swallowort, right now all the maple shoots seem almost as bad. Those things pop up everywhere, every year. No matter how many you pull, the next thing you know, the shoots you missed are turning into seedlings, the seedlings you missed are turning into saplings, and […]

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Not so great celandine

The next on the weed hit list is Greater Celandine.  It forms nice clumps with interesting foliage and bright yellow flowers in early summer, but it wants to do so everywhere. Even if bees visit it (which if it happens at all must be when I’m not looking), there are other flowers for them. So […]

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