Even my irises are white

Yes, yes, more white flowers. More six-petalled white flowers, but not lilies, and not  Star-of-Bethlehem. Irises this time, and when it’s not raining, they look pretty good. Speaking of which, I found some more  Star-of-Bethlehem today, hidden under burgeoning daylilies. I think they’re trying to steal a march on me. Sneaky weeds.

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Sneaky Star-of-Bethlehem

When I first saw the spiky six petals of this little white flower, it was surprisingly hard to track down what it was. There seems to be a lot more information about its big cousin, the lily. When I finally identified it as Star-of-Bethlehem, I was a little worried, as words like “invasive” and “aggressive” […]

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Blueberries, uncovered

The sun came out, I cut down and dug up some grass, and uncovered my blueberry plants. It looks like they’re even setting fruit, but there’s still some clusters of bell-like, white flowers. So, as promised, here they are.

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White flowers under grey skies

We just hit the beginning of a week of rain and cloudy days. On days like that, white flowers are especially nice.  The towers of ajuga glimmer and beckon when I look outside. When I climb up the hill to do a little weeding, these arches of Solomon’s Seal light up under the leaves. And […]

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Apple blossoms for May Day

The apple trees are flowering, and I can’t get enough of how pretty the blossoms are. They begin as red dots that swell to round buds with a pink blush. Both the Macintosh and the Egremont Russet trees that I planted last spring are now opening white flowers. As for the crabapple trees, they are […]

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