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In The View from the Center of the Universe, Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams attempt to create a new mythos, that is, a story that explains our world, based on science. Actually, I think they did a better job of explaining what they are trying to say in their various interviews than in the book.

The book is a good introduction things like dark matter, dark energy, and how the different elements were forged in different kinds of stars. It gives the history of our solar system, including the cycle of Snowball Earths, about 1-2 billion years ago, and the suggestion that life may be a way of using up the chemical energy of the Earth.

The book is less successful on the spritual side, for example when they try to appropriate Kabbalah to imagine the origin of the universe. I preferred their own, more original metaphors, like the Cosmic Casino. The last third, where they try to synthesize the cosmic outlook into a guide for how to live life on Earth is the least successful. They circle around various arguments argue that since we are intelligent life and aware of the universe around us, it matters what we do.

Again, when they speak, their message is much clearer: We should not feel insignificant in the face of the Universe, but precious. We are made of the rarest elements in the universe. We live at the center of time on Earth. We are at the center of possible sizes in the universe, as are probably all intelligent life in the cosmos.

Regarding intelligent aliens, they ask, Are we alone? Are you alone when you’re with an insect? A dolphin? They argue that searching for intelligent aliens is really a search for ourselves.

Whatever it is that we require in an alien race before we’d be willing to say that the existence of such aliens has dissolved our cosmic aloneness–that is the essence of humanity. . . . The qualities that we would require of such aliens are what a long-lived civilization on Earth should aim to cultivate in ourselves.

How would you construct our mythos?

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    Propounded by Dr. Hari Om, Sr. Scientist Agronomy CCS HAU, Hisar (Kurukshetra)

    According to this principle, which is called ‘Principle of Cipher Zone’, the universe was originated in a series of four steps, i.e., four sub-principles are involved in this process. These sub-principles explain the origin of universe, its dissolution, basis of its expansion and status of energy in a star.

    The Principle of Cipher Zone propounds that the theory of ‘Big Bang’ is not responsible for the origin of universe, but this process advanced in a series of steps, which did not involve any vast explosion of the energy like Big Bang. It started as the process of formation of a star initiates. Today, the completion of this process takes lesser ?time’ as it was taken for the formation of first star, because in the present universe, the material required for the formation of a star becomes readily available, but initially it was not so and this process proceeded very slowly. When the energy of this first star was burnt, it converted into a black hole; but before this conversion, the process of the formation of other stars and planets was initiated and they started revolving around this initially appeared central star. In this way along with the central black hole (converted from the first star) the surrounding stars also formed their own families and kept on revolving around the central black hole. Slowly and slowly, the first Milky Way came into existence. The black hole, which was initially formed, now occupied the central space of the first Milky Way thus formed and simultaneously this central black hole of the central Milky Way went on increasing its size by feeding the surrounding old stars. This way, other Milky Ways also came into existence around the central Milky Way and started revolving around it. All these later formed milky ways also had their own central black holes and found their base of stability from the initially formed central black hole and the central Milky Way like a string tied to the neck of the surrounding Milky Ways with the central one. When all the surrounding black holes merged into the initially formed gigantic black hole, the whole of the universe realized dissolution i.e. Maha Pralya.

    Now after dissolution, there remained only one universal black hole in which the energy of the whole universe turned into waves of almost compatible character with a stable centre of least moving energy having very dense core at the centre. Slowly and slowly the fast moving energy present at the periphery of this black hole went sluggish and slowed down which got scattered with the passage of time. The movement of the energy at the periphery gets faster and faster upto when the outside material in the form of stars, planets, or Milky Ways remains available for feeding, but it starts slowing down once the whole material is immersed in the central universal black hole. In this way, the whole black hole scattered with the passage of time. After that, the process the creation again started. These two processes of creation and dissolution proceed simultaneously through the creation of new stars and galaxies at the outer periphery and simultaneous dissolution of stars and surrounding galaxies into the central black hole of the central galaxy.

    The expansion of universe is also not due to Big Bang, but it is attributed to the size of the continuously increasing black hole at the centre of the Milky Ways. As the size of the central black hole increases, the expansion as well as the speed of the Milky Ways running away from the centre will go on increasing, but a time will come when the outer expansion will be ceased due to extraneous increase in the size of black hole or we can say that increasing density of the central black hole will not allow the further expansion of the galaxy. The incoming energy of the system will dominate over the outgoing energy. With this advancement in the increase of the black hole size, the whole universe will fall and rest in the centre. Every existence or system has a zone of neutral energy at its centre and in its surrounding where its energy ends and the periphery of another system starts. When these two neutral energy zones are merged into one, then the system or existence ceases to work and collapses or we can say that the differential strata of energy of that system are converted into more compatible and unified form of energy or we can say that it is the expansion of the central zone of neutral energy which compels that system to collapse. During the process of expansion, the central zone or black holes of different galaxies goes on increasing. This increase in the area and density of black holes in the middle of the galaxies allow the expansion of the galaxies. The ratio of increase in the area or volume of the black holes in relation to the expansion of outgoing and expanding energy can be assessed with the increase in the ratio of expansion of the nucleus of an atom and the overall expansion of that atom in the form of its mass and energy.

    The working of the system depends on the presence of energy at different levels and the inter- and intra-facial tension in those energy fields. When these fields are merged together, the system collapses or dissolved. In this way, the different systems or existences either small or large are converted into energy waves and this way the process of dissolution proceeds until a sole, gigantic and universal zone of neutral energy or Cipher Zone is formed, which brings the final dissolution.

    This present theory also refutes the finding that a star has the maximum temperature at its core. This theory propounds that a star has highly peaceful zone at its centre; it is not explosive. Every star or system has two types of energy; incoming and outgoing, working entirely at different level and in different direction. The larger is the system or existence, the greater it will have the zone of neutral energy at its centre i.e. a peaceful zone providing stable base to the whole system. The greater is the expansion of the zone of peace and stability at the centre, the more explosive or vibrating will be the surface energy either it is a star like Sun or vast ocean or galaxy. This is true only when the star or the system is composed of similar type of energy at its centre. If the system, like earth, has different type of energy particles at different levels, then the energy will be explosive at its core because of the admixture of different form of energy in the central zone. This is due to the interfacial stress among different types of energy resting at the same level.

    The central zone is nothing but the zone of neutrality, the zone of satisfied energy either it is at the level of smallest particle existing as an atom or largest systems like sea, star or galaxy. The unsatisfied or vibrating or tension creating charge at the surface is the result of the degree of vastness of the internal satisfied power of the system; if measured at the surface of the sea, there is a possibility of the prediction of future rains and devastating thunderstorms or catastrophic Tsunami outbursts. This charge may have its impact on the El-Niño effect and difference of temperature in seawater. If it is measured inside the earth, there can be a possibility of the prediction of earthquakes.


  2. “Actually, I think they did a better job of explaining what they are trying to say in their various interviews than in the book.”

    I’ve read a few books like this. Very frustrating.

    Wow…um…is the above long post an ad? Or just a transient delusion? We had a special file for stuff like that when I worked in scientific publishing.

  3. @Dr. Hari Om:
    I like the way you think!

    I suspect that since they wrote the book, talking about it has helped them clarify their ideas. Perhaps their next book will benefit from feedback and other discussions they’re participating it.

  4. Interesting musings by Dr. Hariom, specialist in agronomy, which is far removed from cosmology. He appears to be confusing “Milky Way” with “galaxy” in most of his post. With his talk of “unsatisfied energy” I am suspecting he’s a part-time New Ager.


    Searching for intelligent aliens may not be the sweetness and light of the Star Trek universe, in which every alien is a human with a gob of latex stuck on his nose or forehead. I recommend these two books, for a non-Star-Trekkian point of view:

    The Killing Star
    by Charles Pellegrino

    The Forge of God
    by Greg Bear

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