Re: Wikiworld

You know how you’re not supposed to use wikipedia as a reference? By the same token, you can’t take “Wikiworld,” by Paul Di Fillippo all that seriously. Full of wordplay and in-jokes (the biggest being the term jimmywhale), it’s set in a world were wikis become social groups that collect for various purposes, from building a house to running a country.

Russ Reynolds calls in some favors and simoleans to ask his friends to build him a house on one of the islands in the Cape Cod Archipelago. Two new friends show up: Foonty Fontal, or FooDog, and Russ’s soon-to-be girlfriend, Cherimoya Espiritu. The Dog is the uber-hacker, member of no wiki, master of all, with shady connections and ulterior motivations. Cherry is an Oyster Pirate, who poaches oyster farms in the area.

When Cherry is badly hurt, FooDog discovers the cause. With a bit of vote hacking, FooDog gives Russ the power to launch a trade war on the culprits. It sounds like overkill, but the war only lasts a day, and Russ steps down. No harm done.

Aside from the misinformation about the history of oysters, it’s hilarious when you read it, but thinking about it afterward, it’s pretty scary. But then, maybe there’s a reason Russ calls his political wiki, the Phantom Blots. The ease with which he gains power, inconveniences millions of people for a personal vendetta, and gets off scot-free–Well, I told you not to take it seriously.

Tomorrow: All Seated On The Ground.