Re: Trunk and Disorderly

First off, I want to thank Charles Stross for writing “Trunk and Disorderly” and Subterranean Press for making it available as a free Audiobook. Listening to it on the drive from Boston to New York makes Connecticut disappear. The hilarity begins when Ralph’s “clanky” girlfriend Laura walks out and his sister Fiona calls up. Fiona had been planning to go skiing on Olympus Mons, she says:

but my house-sitter phoned in pregnant unexpectedly and my herpetologist is having another sex change so I was just hoping you’d be able to look after Jeremy…

Jeremy is naturally her alcoholic pet dwarf mammoth. What else could he be? Things just get more and more absurd. I can’t describe it without giving away the jokes. It’s all told at break-neck speed, and even when Ralph tries to explain, he only makes it sound more ridiculous. The poor cove.

P. G. Wodehouse dialed to eleven.

Tomorrow: Serious silliness.