The Hunt For Little Bees

Daisy FleabaneI’ve always been endlessly fascinated by all the little bugs in my yard, flitting about on their mysterious bug business. Now that I can get close-up pictures of them I feel like a new window has opened upon their world. That’s how I discovered how wrong I was about which weed they would like. What they love is daisy fleabane. The first thing I wanted to know was whether any of them were bees.

Possibly a fly on daisy fleabane
Is this a bee?
Hmmm. No, I think it’s a fly of some sort.

Possibly a fly on daisy fleabane.
Is this a bee?

Another fly, I’m pretty sure.
Those are beelike colors, but it holds its wings out like a fly.
Update: These are both Syrphid flies in genus Sphaerophoria.

Is this a bee?

No, that’s a syrphid fly, and but it’s really good at fooling me into thinking it’s a bumbleebee.

Update: It’s a Narcissus Bulb Fly.

Must bee a bee!

Is this a bee?
Yes! Such a tiny bee, but check out her pollen bags.
I wonder what it is.
Update: I believe it’s a small sweat bee, Halictus ligatus.