Betty the Bee and Veronica

Finally, a plant that I actually put there on purpose is attracting bees. This bumblebee likes it so much, she’s going after the fallen bits.

Veronica spicata with two bumblebees

It’s a lovely little clump of purple spikes called Veronica spicata. It’s supposed to be attractive to butterflies, but mostly I see bees. There’s two bumblebees on it right here. (They’re easier to see if you click on the picture.)

Tiny dark green bee covered in pollen

Close-up of tiny green bee
Far outnumbering the bumblebees, partying crowds of tiny dark green mystery bees are holding buzzapaloosa. There’s always at least five or six of them zipping and darting around the spikes. It’s a real challenge just to see them, let alone get a picture. But they’re here.