The Lost Ladybug Project

Bugs won\'t eat them.
It’s scary enough the the honeybees are disappearing. Now I hear that people are looking for the Nine-Spotted Ladybug. It’s called the Lost Ladybug Project.

Similar to The Great Bee Hunt, they’re asking kids to catch ladybugs, take pictures and send them in. Hopefully, they can use that to track where all the ladybugs are, and what kinds they are.

I haven’t seen many ladybugs at all yet, but usually I think they’re Asian ladybugs. The yellow checkerbug is new to me. Until I looked him up, I wasn’t even sure it was a ladybug. His full name is Checker Spot Ladybug or Propylea quatuordecimpunctata. (Say that three times fast.) Most of the ladybugs I found when I was growing up, were Convergent Ladybugs. So I’ve seen several kinds of ladybug, but never the Nine-Spotted.

Have you?

2 thoughts on “The Lost Ladybug Project

  1. Hmm. I see tons of ladybugs, especially when I’m out in the field at the farm, but I haven’t taken a close look. I’ll be sure to do so next time I’m out there.

  2. Maybe the syrphid flies in my yard are eating the aphids faster than the ladybugs. Also the farm might be releasing ladybugs as biocontrol.

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