Honeybee in Rose of Sharon
Honeybee immersed in beeness

I love Readercon, but it’s still too many people, too many ideas, too much information in too little space. No wonder it doesn’t take long for me to go into buffer overflow. What? A writer who needs a little alone time? Never heard of such a thing. This year it was even hotter than usual and thunderstorms every afternoon or evening. None of that matters. I always go for a walk.

Gazebo at Readercon
Gazebo at Readercon

Out back there’s some flowering shrubs with honeybees buried in the flowers. You can sit in the gazebo. But if you go a little further, there’s uncultivated spaces with a smattering of wildflowers.

Milkweed pods
Milkweed pods


Ox-eye daisy

Marguerite or ox-eye daisy.

Butter and egges
Butter and eggs

Butter-and-eggs or yellow toadflax.

Pond near Readercon
Pond near Readercon

There’s even a bit of a pond, complete with ducks and red-winged blackbirds. It’s not much, but I’ll take my nature where I can find it.