Re: Crazy Glue

Like “The Spray,” one magical object says something about fickleness and love in “Crazy Glue” by Etgar Keret. The story is so short, this animation of it might take longer to watch than just reading it. But a lot happens between the lines, as in this early exchange, when the narrator argues with his wife about the worth of the Krazy Glue® she just bought.

‘Nothing around here needs gluing,’ I said. ‘I wish I understood why you buy all this stuff.’
‘For the same reason I married you,’ she murmured. ‘To help pass the time.’
I didn’t want to fight, so I kept quiet, and so did she.

It turns out she has good reason to want the glue. When he comes home, it’s amusing to see what happens when he finds out what she’s done with it. It can hold anything together. The story ends with a memorable image that forces him to see her in a new light. You know they are the sort of couple that might stray occasionally, but stick together anyway.

A sweet little story that’s always good for a smile.