Re: Just Do It

There’s been a bit of buzz in this past year about couples who commit to having sex every day for n days. A whole year. 100 days. A week. So I finally managed to read one of these books, and really all the advice in it can be gleaned from the title, Just Do It.

In this book, Douglas Brown tells how he and his wife set themselves a challenge of 100 days. What did they discover?

  • Even if you’re tired, you can have sex.
  • Even if you’re “not in the mood” you can start anyway.
  • Having more sex made them touch more and talk more.

Although there’s something to be learned from their experience, there’s no broader research to back up or reinforce it. Unlike Bonk, there’s a stunning lack of background. The author only mentions checking out a lot of “couples” books from the library and how embarrassing it was. The only professionals they talked to were their physicians.  The only “experts” consulted were porn stars.

There was very little said about the act itself. You read pages and pages about their preparations and planning and how much money they spent on toys and babysitting. Then we draw the curtain. I suppose there’s not much point in saying the same thing over and over again, for a hundred iterations.

Instead, since this is suppose to be a book, there’s a huge amount of padding about their home life, their children, their jobs, blah, blah, blah. All you really need to know is that they did it.


2 thoughts on “Re: Just Do It

  1. make sense though people are happier after sex, people are much more friendly.
    Sex is a very good thing, relives frustration. But it is always been seen as taboo, so sometimes people, mostly embarrass women, feel about wanting it and those that arnt are labeled sluts.

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